Let's give data the digital space to be found.

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About us –

Digital solutions for open markets

Digital Market Services GmbH is a young and dynamic digital company. Our team consists of people who enjoy developing new, creative, digital and excellent solutions.
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Data is our capital.
We want to make the vast amount of available information of the networked world accessible and understandable for our customers. With our tailor-made platform solutions, we inspire with knowledge, transparency and an overview of things, thus creating significant added value for our customers and partners.
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The vision of Digital Market Services

We see our entire world with open and curious eyes. Exploring and classifying the wild, chaotic and diverse world of data is part of our DNA.
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We are a Conductor of virtual data.
Through orchestration, we create beneficial knowledge for our customers and partners and make the diverse world of data understandable, visible and tangible. With our solutions we want to make the world a little better.

Andreas Heß

Founder & CEO

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Breathtaking graphical evaluations (Analytics) provide a unique market transparency on the used car market for Porsche 911.
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Historical as well as current market information can be evaluated graphically for each location.

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Digital Market Service GmbH
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